As a Leader:

Ben Monder Hydra

Charlotte's Song

Ben Monder / Bill McHenry: Bloom

Ice Fields
The Shadow Casts its Objects
Food Chain
The Shimmering Now That Breathes You

Theo Bleckmann / Ben Monder: At Night
(Songlines SGL SA1561-2) 2007
Theo Bleckmann-voice
Ben Monder-guitar
Satoshi Takeishi-drums

Late, By Myself
Sunny Sunday
Animal Planet
Norwegian Wood
At Night

Ben Monder: Oceana
(Sunnyside Records SSC 1146) 2005
Theo Bleckmann-voice
Kermit Driscoll-bass
Ben Monder-guitar
Ted Poor-drums
Skuli Sverrisson-bass

Still Motion
Double Sun
Rooms of Light

Ben Monder: Excavation
(Arabesque AJ0148) 2000
Jim Black-drums
Theo Bleckmann-voice
Ben Monder-guitar
Skuli Sverrisson-bass

Luteous Pangolin
Sunny Manitoba
Hatchet Face
You Are My Sunshine

Theo Bleckmann/Ben Monder: No Boat
(Songlines 1516) 1997
Jim Black-drums
Theo Bleckmann-voice
Ben Monder-guitar
Skuli Sverrisson-bass

Late Green
No Boat
O.K. Chorale
Out of This World
Canady Hill, Waiting for Impact
Every Time We Say Goodbye

Ben Monder Tro: Dust
Arabesque Jazz, AJ0131) 1997
Jim Black-drums
Ben Monder-guitar
Ben Street-bass
Silent Neighbors
The Third Eyebrow
In Memoriam
I'll Remeber April
Late Green

Ben Monder Trio: Flux
(Songlines 1509) 1995
Jim Black-drums
Drew Gress-bass
Ben Monder-guitar
Food for the Moon
Red Shifts
Jello Throne
Don't Look Down
O.K. Chorale
Propane Dream

As a Sideman:

Noah Preminger - Haymaker
Palmetto (2013)

Kristjan Randalu/Ben Monder - Equilibrium
Fresh Sound (2012)

Sunny Kim - Painter's Eye
Sunnyside (2012)

Barry Romberg's Random Access - Crab People
Romhog (2012)

Guillermo Klein y Los Guechos - Carrera
Sunnyside (2012)

Nicolas Masson - Departures
Fresh Sound (2011)

Bill McHenry - Ghosts of the Sun
Sunnyside (2011)

Marta Topferova - The Other Shore
Harmonia Mundi (2011)

Francicso Mela - Tree of Life
Half Note (2011)

Guillermo Klein - Domador De Huellas
Sunnyside (2010)

Aaron Shragge and Ben Monder - The Key Is In The Window
Self Produced (2010)

Taylor Haskins - Recombination
Nineteen Eight (2010)

Taylor Haskins - American Dream
Sunnyside (2010)

Margret Grebowicz - Com Vocę
Sunnyside (2010)

Jerome Sabbagh - I Will Follow You
Bee Jazz (2010)

Dollison and Marsh - Vertical Voices: The Music Of Maria Schneider
Artistshare (2010)

Mike Fahie - Anima
BJU Records (2010)

Mika Pohjola - Northern Sunrise
Blue Music Group (2009)

TOAP Colectivo Vol.3
TOAP (2009)

Donny McCaslin - Declaration
Sunnyside (2009)

Brian Charette - Upside
Steeplechase (2009)

Ruper Ordorika - Haizea Garizumakoa Elkar (2009)

Nikolaj Hess - Global Motion +
Stunt Records (2009)

Tony Malaby - Paloma Recio
New World Records (2009)

Jacam Manricks - Labyrinth
Self Produced (2009)

Kendra Shank Mosaic
Challenge (2009)

Tim Ries Stones World
Sunnyside (2008)

Aaron Irwin Blood and Thunder
Fresh Sound (2008)

Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos Filtros
Sunnyside (2008)

Noah Preminger Dry Bridge Road
NOWT (2008)

Hope Debates Moody County
North 40 (2008)

Bruno Raberg Lifelines
Orbis (2008)

Pete Robbins Do The Hate Laugh Shimmy
Fresh Sound (2008)

Hans Glawischnig Panorama
Sunnyside (2008)

John Gordon Within Worlds
Artistshare (2008)

Moss Moss
Sunnyside (2008)

Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra Enjoy
Koch (2008)

Taiichi Kamimura - Out Of My Throat
EWCD (2007)

Matt Pavolka Band "Something People Can Use"
Tone Of A Pitch (2007)

Bill McHenry "Roses"
Sunnyside (2007)

Julie Hardy "The Wish"
WCM (2007)

Maria Schneider "Sky Blue"
Artistshare (2007)

Donny McCaslin: In Pursuit
Sunnyside (2007)

Jerome Sabbagh: Pogo
Sunnyside (2007)

Kendra Shank: A Sprirt Free - The Abbey Lincoln Songbook
Challenge (2006)

Jon Gordon: The Things You Are
Artistshare (2006)

Tom Cohen: The Guitar Trio Project
Dreambox Media (2006)

Lee Konitz: New Nonet
Omnitone (2006)

Scott McLemore: Found Music
Fresh Sound (2006)

Paul Motian Band: Garden Of Eden
ECM (2006)

Jeremy Udden: Torchsongs
Fresh Sound (2006)

Donny McCaslin: Soar
Sunnyside (2006)

Chris Gestrin, Ben Monder,
Dylan van der Schyff: The Distance
Songlines (2006)

Tim Ries: The Rolling Stones Project
Concord (2005)

Julia Dollison: Observatory
Like So Music (2005)

Charles Pillow: Pictures At An Exhibition
Artistshare (2005)

Guillermo Klein Y Los Guachos: Live In Barcelona
Fresh Sound (2005)

Ted Poor Quartet: All Around
Trier Records (2004)

Joshua Douglas Smith: Unstuck In Time
Steeplechase (2004)

New Talent Orchestra: The Sound Of NY Jazz Underground
Fresh Sound (2004)

Maria Schneider: Concert in the Garden
Artistshare (2004)

Rebecca Martin: People Behave Like Ballads
Maxjazz (2004)

Jerome Sabbagh: North
Fresh Sound (2004)

Howard/Rathbun Quintet: Days Before And After
Fresh Sound (2004)

Ruper Ordorika: Kantuok Jartzen Ditut
Metak (2003)

Josh Roseman Unit: Treats for the Nightwalker
Enja (2003)

Pablo Ablanedo: Alegria
Fresh Sound (2003)

Erik Jekabson: Intersection
Fresh Sound (2003)

John O'Gallagher: Abacus
Arabesque (2003)

Navarrete-Baeza: Juego De Nińos
BAU (2003)

Patrick Zimmerli/Octurn: The Book of Hours
Songlines (2002)

Guillermo Klein: Los Gauchos III
Sunnyside (2002)

Gerald Cleaver: Adjust
Fresh Sound (2002)

Taylor Haskins: Wake Up Call
Fresh Sound (2002)

John Hollenbeck: No Images
CRI Blueshift (2002)

Mika Pohjola: Landmark
Abovoice (2002)

Paul Motian & the E.B.B.B.: Holiday For Strings
Winter & Winter (2001)

Paul Motian & the E.B.B.B.: Europe
Winter & Winter (2001)

Josh Roseman: Cherry>
Enja (2001)

Tim Ries: Alternate Side
Criss Cross (2001)

Theo Bleckmann: Origami
Songlines (2001)

Ruper Ordorika: Hurrengo Goizean
Metak (2001)

Charles Pillow: In This World
Summit (2001)

Dan Willis: Hand To Mouth
A (2001)

Miguel Zenon: Looking Forward
Fresh Sound (2001)

Antonio Arnedo: Colombia
MTM (2001)

Patrick Zimmerli Ensemble: Expansion
Songlines (2000)

André White Band: Signal
Cornerstone (2000)

Prism Quartet: Real Standard Time
Innova (2000)

Bill McHenry Quartet Featuring Paul Motian
Fresh Sound (2000)

Frank Kimbrough: Noumena
Soul Note (2000)

Donny McCaslin: Seen From Above
Arabesque (2000)

Maria Schneider: Allegresse
Enja (2000)

Guillermo Klein: Los Gauchos II
Sunnyside (1999)

Renzi/Weinstein Quartet
Fresh Sound (1999)

Gorka Benitez Trio
Fresh Sound (1999)

Bill McHenry: Graphic
Fresh Sound (1998)

Reid Anderson: The Vastness Of Space
Fresh Sound (1998)

Dan Willis Quartet
A (1998)

Barney McAll: Widening Circles
AIJA (1998)

Jon Gordon: Currents
Double Time (1998)

Andy Parsons/Gene Lewin: Fundamentia
Igmod (1998)

Steve Laspina Quintet: Distant Dream
Steeplechase (1998)

Chris Cheek: A Girl Named Joe
Fresh Sound (1998)

Drew Gress & Jagged Sky: Heyday
Soul Note (1998)

Bill McHenry: Rest Stop
Fresh Sound (1998)

Dave's True Story: Sex Without Bodies
Chesky (1998)

Antonio Arnedo: Encuentros
MTM (1998)

Peter Brainin/Steve Johns: Ceremony
Cat's Paw (1998)

Ruper Ordorika: Dabilen Harria
Nuevos Medios (1998)

Jochen Rueckert: Introduction
Jazzline (1998)

Michael Leonhart Glub: Glub Vol.11
Sunnyside (1997)

Heinrich Köbberling/Matt Renzi Pisces
Nabel (1997)

Tim Ries: Universal Spirits
Criss Cross (1997)

Antonio Arnedo: Origenes
MTM (1997)

Charles Pillow: Currents
A (1997) Remi Bolduc: Fable
Silence (1996)

Dave Pietro: Forgotton Dreams
A (1996)

New York Guitar Trio: Setting the Standard
Midi (1996)

Antonio Arnedo: Travesia
MTM (1996)

Maria Schneider: Coming About
Enja (1996)

Chris Dahlgren: Slow Commotion
Koch (1996)

Patrick Zimmerli Ensemble: Explosion
Songlines (1995)

Ruper Ordorika: So'Ik So'
Nuevos Medios (1995)

Tim Ries: Imaginary Time
Moo (1995)

David Binney: The Luxury of Guessing
Audioquest (1995)

Maria Schneider: Evanescence
Enja (1994)

Marguerite Jeunimann: By Whose Standards
Invisible Music (1994)

Marc Johnson: Right Brain Patrol
JMT (1992)

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